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Temporary Barricading Options For Different Requirements
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Barricading areas to prevent entry by people, animals and vehicles is a necessity in certain environments. Construction sites which have many danger zones and concert venues where crowd control is required are a couple of examples.

When temporary fencing is employed it's done so for 'temporary reasons' i.e. for events or occurrences that span a definite duration. The cost of permanent fencing is much higher and having it installed temporarily is not only cost-prohibitive but illogical as the same areas where it's set up on will have no use for it later and will only view it as a hindrance.

One of the best temporary fencing choices from TD to get is a chain link fence. It's secure, the diamond pattern is small enough to prevent wildlife from entering, and it's cheap. In fact, even residential units have it installed in backyards to prevent pets and children from wandering out. Heavier gauge steel can be used for added security.

A mesh fence is another temporary hoarding solution that's especially great for construction sites where maintaining a secure perimeter is very important. Compared to chain link, mesh is significantly lighter and more versatile as it can adapt to different environments. It's no less secure, however, and some prefer it as it has smooth edges which minimize the risk of injury.

For security and privacy, no other option scores higher than solid panels. They may be made of plastic or metal with the first having the advantage of not rusting or corroding. They're also much lighter and easier to set up. The range of colors is a plus too if aesthetics needs to be maintained.

Moving on to crowd control, the temporary fencing used is usually very different although those mentioned above can be applied too. Height is typically lower and the fence easier to set up. Interlocking steel barriers are one type of crowd control measure which has vertical rails set inside a frame and legs on either end. A hook, also on both ends, allows each panel to be joined to another to form a long barrier. This means that no matter how large a crowd is or how long a perimeter must be set up, interlocking steel barriers make it extremely easy to do so.

Retractable barriers are another example of crowd control. Unlike steel barriers which are metal throughout, these consist of two posts at both ends with a retractable belt in between. The belt can be pulled across to restrict entry and removed when not needed. They're mostly found inside airports to create orderly queues while checking in baggage although they can be used in other environments with small crowds.

A third option is extensible or extendable fencing. Made of metal but with an extensible feature that makes it operate like an accordion, it's easy to store, portable enough and handy in keeping crowds behind no-entry zones. Several must be set up and placed side by side...Read More


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